To Be or Not to Be Creative

You are creative, never doubt this.

*Not more than me (according to my mom, I’m the most creative guy this side of town, and the prettiest one too).*

A lot of people don’t see themselves as creative people, mainly because they have never given themselves a chance to try. The reality is that everyone, no matter who they are, can be creative, it’s just a matter of finding the right territory where we find ourselves comfortable.

In this post, I’ll show you how to do so.

The important thing about this article is that you understand that creative people don’t appear out of nowhere, they aren’t people touched with a magic wand that grants them the ability to find a world with thousands of characters on a blank paper.


They’re regular people, who’ve found a place in which they feel comfortable to tell their interests, their ideas, and thoughts.

It doesn’t matter if your job is the squarest of all, with some keys I’m going to show you that there are always ideas to communicate in a non-linear way.


  • Think about your life experiences

Do you remember when you learned in school about the first or third person? That’s a great start.

For example, I find myself more comfortable when thinking in the first person, because I put myself as a consumer. When I write, I write to myself. That helps me understand if I find what I’m putting on paper interesting or boring, in which case I erase it, cry myself to sleep, and then I start over.

Having myself as a parameter helps me realize what things are interesting, funny, or attractive.

The important thing is that it helps me create having a reference, criteria.

There are those who prefer having the consumer in mind, as a manner of speaking, having in mind what they’ll think, what they’ll feel, what they’ll do. Kind of putting themselves in their shoes.

  • Find your voice

Not all of us are Woody Allen or consecrated street graffiti artists. 

There’s who find in humor something natural, they disinvolve with grace. They can joke about anything, not just writing but through graphic arts.

On the other hand, there’re people who have their emotions at their skin’s edge.

Even though we live in an era marked by the constant search for humor, knowing how to make people cry, thrill, feel, it’s just as important, it can be really effective and beneficial.

  • The brain guides the hands, always

Many times we forget what has been basic biology for millions of years.

It tends to happen that, when starting to work, we ramble and lose our train of thought.

Personally, I find it useful to write the end first, what do I need to tell, what do I need to say about my product, what is the important thing, what caught my attention, or what is the problem I need to solve.

It doesn’t matter if it’s an ad on the street or a birthday message.

  • Open your eyes, ears, nose, and mind

I believe that this is the key element for anyone who wants to nourish their creativity, keep your senses entertained, watch movies, read new books, listen to music you’ve never heard before, discover the new trends that appear, visit new unknown places.

It’s scientifically proven that each new experience helps our brain create new neural connections, and as you become smarter, you become more creative.

And what a better way to educate your brain than looking at images, photos, illustrations, icons, videos, I mean, you know where to find them…

  • Referencing is not stealing

Following the previous hint, once you’ve discovered something new, try copying it. Making their style your own can help you find A STYLE OF YOUR OWN.

Like reading? Try writing as if you were your favorite writer, imitate their ways, their styles. Pay attention to how they’ve written, more than what they’ve written.

Painting is your thing? Then make the style of those artists who’ve made great pieces (those who, according to our company’s lawyer, I can’t show for copyright reasons or something) your own, paying attention to their technique, their expressions. What were they trying to transmit with each of their productions?

Living for photography? So look for the renowned ones and research them, paying attention to the characteristics of their work and the why behind every choice they’ve made for each shot.

The important thing about this point is to discover through learning about other styles, your own.

  • Create in order to create yourself

This is my motto. To be something, you need to create, to fail, to start over.

I didn’t come up with this phrase nor the person who said it to me (I guess), however, I firmly believe in it. The best way to grow, develop and become more creative is by practicing, producing. 

The first pieces you’ll come up with probably won’t be the best, but will help the next ones.
About this, keep in mind that a first idea is just a first idea, you must keep working on it, polish it (in a manner of speaking).

*Even for this article, do you believe I’ve written this masterpiece on my first try? No one is THIS good. According to my editor, neither am I.*

So here you have it, these are some pointers on finding your own creative spark.

Did you find any tips useful? Tell us in the comments.